PV : 29/07 6pm – 9pm    |     OPEN: 30/07 – 02/08 | 12pm – 5pm

Exhibition curated by Owain McGilvary & Yan White.

Artists :
Kate Turner, Alex Mcnamee and Ode de Kort
Liberty Hodes
Helena De Pulford
Jacob Watmore
Beth Fox

Join us for Drinks! Join us for Art!

Performance by Liberty Hodes – TBA! Education day by Kate Turner on Saturday the 1st of August.

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August 4th 6 – 9 pm

A Performance event curated by Bar Yerushalmi and Emma Warburton.

Ellie Wyatt, Sophia Freeman, Camilla Bliss, Rosa Farber, Kaajel Patel, Hazel Dowling , Jay Delves, Paola de Ramos 

Cornucopia, the event, will be a fabricated ritual held to celebrate creativity, collaboration, and sharing. The event will cohesively join together the making and enjoyment of food, art, and performance into a singular event. Notions and interpretations of the ceremony, the celebration, and the ritual will be explored through food and art.

A cornucopia is a symbol of nourishment and abundance. It is also known as the horn of plenty, and is first apparent as a visual symbol in art of the classical period. It is depicted as a large horn-shaped container, plentifully overflowing with food, most notably fruits and vegetables. In present day, the cornucopia remains a symbol in Western art and culture, specifically representing the Western ritual of practicing Thanksgiving.

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Temp Settling

PV a) August  4th 6 – 9 pm | PV b) August  6th 6 – 9 pm

Rosa Farber will inhabit Nice Gallery between the evening of the 4th Aug – 6th Aug. The audience is invited to contribute to this exhibition by supplying the artist with the bare necessities. Audience members are asked to bring her supplies on the (first) PV, 4th Aug. She will then live on these goods (e.g. food, contextual references, soap, a sleeping bag, materials) until the 6th Aug (second PV) by which time the artwork will be installed and available for viewing.

The project will commence at the Cornucopia PV.

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Aspiration Suits

August 9th 2pm – 4pm

Workshop with Sophie Chapman and Philippa Taylor.

Exploring self-actualisation through a buzzfeed themed obstacle course and suit decoration class.

Now more than ever it is so important that you feel capable of being the person you can be. Reach for the stars, hold your head high and never give up.  During the Aspiration Suits workshops participants will follow an obstacle course of decisions and personality trait tests in order to gather all the materials to be all they can be. Starting off in identical white jumpsuits, inside the box, progressing up the life ladder, ascending the career goal mountain, and crossing the choppy relationships sea.

This workshop is about celebrating you, and exploring why self-help is so on trend right now! A performance of the self, outwardly wearing all the badges and tools and components of who you want to be. The idea came from our own desire to be artists/designers and not really knowing how to actually make that happen. We realised the kinds of rituals you perform to feel more like what you want to be, the uniforms you provide yourself, and the tools you think you need.

At Aspiration Suits we don’t want to tie you up in a neat little package, not every aspect, desire of trait you posses makes perfect sense in relation to others. You may feel that you are best described as a zoo-sprung leopard mechanic that would like to save babies from burning buildings. You may feel most comfortable thinking of yourself as a paragliding spaghetti aficionado that spends their down time in Tesco car parks. A bull-fighting vitamin D expert or an orange sellers daughter that’s into BDSM. And so on.

Come and join us. There will be a choreographed celebration dance at the end to a Back Street Boys anthem. 

There will be a very small cost for the suits but you can take them home and wear them to job interviews afterwards- so invest in your future.

The workshop will be 2pm – 4pm and the gallery will be open after.

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Avengers of Nice Gallery

PV: August 13th 6 – 9 pm | OPEN: August 14th-16th

It’s been a nice year at Unit 12, the Longshop. So for our last show in the space we’re getting the gang back together and putting on an exhibition with with all previous artists in residence. Featuring Kaajel Patel, Sean Mullan, Victoria Grenier, Nancy Allen, Peter Bellamy and Miroslav Pomichal.

More details to come!

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