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With Ella McVeigh, Kieron Marchant, Nancy Allen, Sophie Birch, James Collins, Jessie Churchill, Madeleine Ruggi, Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer and Tabitha Wilson.

Our wonderful curator Sophie Chapman writes:

“Some notes on being small:
At a recent ‘watch an ambitious young curator with a Scandinavian accent wrestle with and nervous laugh their way through a guess you could call it ‘discussion’ with an artist’ Richard Tuttle- the aforementioned addressed remarks some critics had made about the sheer enormity of his commission for the Turbine Hall. He patiently, and lengthily, talked about the difference between scale and size. Obvious to him, not so clear to the rest of us. I think he was getting at the idea of
the presence of ‘a thing’, ones physical relation to it and encounter with it. But Tuttle’s work is usually so fingerly. All about a romantic encounter with the world.
IS there a difference between scale and size? What about a small performance?
Surely you don’t have to be overwhelmed by something to really experience it. What happens when you try to instill something of that impact into something that is in relation to yourself, relatively small? My Great Granny infamously declared/reassured “well we’re all the same size in bed”. Size matters, in context? Being horizontal, it’s a bit more about skill? Or care?
The Little Creatures shows of early 2000’s Los Angeles are a good example of the DIY show. In shop fronts, putting your mates work on, tacking things to the walls: works in progress, sketches, ideas you really care about. They deftly and appropriately depict the work of those just beginning to get going. On the cusp. The lip. Not trying to be something they are not. Not yet inflated fit to burst. When you are an ‘emerging artist’, small works are a must in many
I’m a bit sick of the bombastic. It’s not like billboards have that much sway anymore anyway, we are all faithfully practiced in drowning out the cacophony and negotiating the slogans. A small work could be like getting a little nick or pin prick on your finger, or stubbing your toe. The slight, the faint, the simple thing- contains within it the possibility of being ever more powerful, just by being so.

One small chips please.”



Small Works Show Poster – Background image by James Collins



T-Shirts by Sophie Chapman, wines by the wonderful Fabio of SW19 Italian




very tactile sculpture/installation by artists Madeleine Ruggi





Nice Gallery artist Nancy Allen’s calendars (alias NancyAllenders) being perused



Sophie Birch (left) with her painting in the background



left: James Collins, right: Kieron Marchant


Sophie Chapman's delicious 'Something' cake

Sophie Chapman’s delicious ‘Something’ cake


Left: painting by Tabitha Wilson, Right: sculpture by Jessie Churchill

Left: painting by Tabitha Wilson, Right: sculpture by Jessie Churchill



Left: collage by Nancy Allen, Right: paintings by Sarah "Kenikie" Palmer

Left: drawing/collage by Nancy Allen, Right: paintings by Sarah “Kenikie” Palmer

Ella McVeigh

Ella McVeigh




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