Miroslav Pomichal | The Foolish Virgin | Solo Show


The Foolish Virgin

After having worked hard for six turpentine-fumy weeks Miroslav Pomichal’s residency came to an end in November 2014. After having waited for the painting to dry (ugh) we got to reap the rewards of his toils at his solo show ‘The Foolish Virgin’ in December. We’ve uploaded some pics for those of you who missed it or just want to relive good times :)






“The Foolish Virgin

From the outset I wanted to explore the Medieval, and medievalist, heritage of Merton Abbey Mills. I became interested in New Testament parable of the Foolish Virgins. The parable tells of ten virgins, five of whom were prepared for their bridegrooms’ arrival, and five who were not and as a result disowned. The parable was immensely popular during the Middle Ages, an era of chiliastic moralizing, apocalyptic sculpture, as well as thorough patriarchy. The Foolish Virgins were depicted in stone, paint and parchment across Europe.

Merton Abbey Mills was once a great Priory second in importance only to Westminster Abbey. It was dissolved by Henry VIII, who then destroyed it and used the stones to build his giant Nonsuch Palace. Echoing the tale foolish virgins, the five virgins of Henry VIII were not prepared to serve their bridegroom (by not giving births to sons) and they suffered grisly fates.” – Miroslav Pomichal


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